Turnout in this year's primary has been pretty low, which was expected for an election with no marquee statewide races that is being held on the third Tuesday in November. Compared to 2010's historically high turnout, 2012 is lackluster, though not as low as you might expect when compared to previous years.

Below are six charts that compare turnout from 2004-2012:

There are a few things worth noting:

  • The primary was moved from August to June 26 this year.
  • 2012 is the first time in over a decade there is no US Senate or Gubernatorial primary.
  • Congressional Districts in 2012 are new after redistricting, making the percent of turnout a better figure for comparison.

Statewide Turnout (Raw Vote Total Of Voters Affiliated With A Political Party)

Statewide Turnout (Percent of Registered Voters Affiliated With A Political Party)


CD2 Turnout (Raw Republican Vote Totals)

CD2 Turnout (Percent of Registered Republicans)


CD5 Turnout (Raw Republican Vote Totals)

CD5 Turnout (Percent of Registered Republicans)