Everyone always complains about money in politics, but how much influence does it have?  Is fundraising indicative of the popularity of the candidate or does it really make or break elections?  Below are eight charts looking at the relationship between fundraising and votes last night.  You be the judge.  Note: the names in italics are the last night's winners.

Congressional District 2: Kevin Lundberg vs. Eric Weissmann

Weissmann found that name recognition accounts for a lot – about $130,000 worth.  Weissmann raised nearly $200,000 to Lundberg's nearly $70,000 – and still came up a penny short.  Both sides campaigned hard, and it showed – relatively-unknown candidate Eric Weissman lost last night by just about 2,500 votes. 

CD5: Rep. Doug Lamborn vs. Robert Blaha

Like CD2, Robert Blaha found that name recognition counts for a lot.  Blaha loaned his campaign $722,000 and doubled Lamborn's haul, but still found himself shut out of the race by about 15,000 votes.

CU Regent: Dr. Brian Davidson vs. Matt Arnold

Davidson raised three times as much as Arnold did, and garnered about 50% more votes than Arnold.

HD19: Rep. Marsha Looper vs. Majority Leader Amy Stephens

This tough race pitted two of the Republican Party's gutsiest gals against one another (Thanks, Super Mario).  Stephens bested Looper on both fundraising and votes – even with Looper's $40,000+ in self funding.

SD8: Randy Baumgardner vs. Jean White

White raised twice as much as Baumgardner, but came up about 2,000 votes short.  Neither her "truth" nor her money could push her to the next round.

SD10: Rep. Larry Liston vs. Owen Hill

Despite the pile of cash Liston raised, he was bested by Owen Hill.  Hill super-fan Sen. Greg Brophy tweeted out glowing reviews last night, calling the winner "the future of El Paso Co GOP and CO GOP". 

SD23: Glenn Vaad vs. Vicki Marble

Newcomer Vicki Marble knocked Vaad out of the running by 1,500 votes last night, even after outraising her by $10,000.

HD41: Jovan Melton vs. Terry Todd

Looks like Wisconsinites aren't the only folks tired of Democrats' special interest money – some Dems appear to be done with it as well.  Melton was endorsed by former Senator Ken Gordon's CleanSlateNow group, which offers candidates who don't take special interest money a hand.  Both Democratic insiders Joe Miklosi and Sal Pace endorsed Todd – looks like their judgment was off. Again.


JD18: George Brauchler vs. Leslie Hansen

These two candidates proved they’re up for the job with this tough race. Congratulations to George Brauchler for earning those extra 1,500 votes.&nbsp