The July edition of Vanity Fair has a not-so-flattering portrayal of President Obama's Cabinet under an even less flattering headline (Team of Mascots, a belittling play on Doris Kearns Goodwin's Lincoln bio "Team of Rivals"). In it, VF mocks BO's lame a_s cabinet, describing them as the weak suck posers that they are generally known to be.  

Vanity gives some slack to Hillary and Geithner and Panetta too – they are the exception, the fake news magazine reports. But Vanity's profile treated our own Ken Salazar much less generously.

As executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources in the cabinet of Governor Roy Romer, 20 years ago, Ken Salazar played a key political advisory role; he plays no comparable role as interior secretary today.

Note they don't even acknowledge his time in the U.S. Senate. Ouch Senator Ten Gallon. Ouch.  

Boy, how the mighty have fallen. Ken Salazar, once the big gun of Colorado pols (get it?) has been relegated to an Inside the Beltway Uga, Ralphie, or Cam the Ram.  

Don't worry Rocky. Ken may soon be out of a job, but yours is safe. The only acrobatics that former Colorado DNR Chief Ken Salazar is capable of, after all, is that of the verbal variety (See BP press conferences for details).