A Reality Check

A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

Hocus pocus Kazam.  Keep your eye on the Obama care rabbit. Do they think we are seriously dumb enough to believe that “it” will disappear with a wave of Romney’s magic Presidential wand; even presuming that he has the wherewithal to beat Obama in November?  And after watching his performance in the Republican primaries dog and pony show where he was outspending his opponents six or seven to one and was still getting whacked on a regular basis, I would say at best Romney pulling it off is a 40/60 long shot.

But let’s just say for the sake of argument that he gets lucky and his sugar daddy comes up with more money than Obama’s sugar daddy (a lot more money) the smart money is down on Obama care modification rather than repeal.  A dash of salt here and a little sauce there and wall-la Obama care will become Romney care; and of course much more palatable. The desert will be that the GOP gets credit for advancing socialized medicine in the good old U S of A.  

And of course the hardcore conservatives will eat it with their usual lesser of two evils dash of salt and nobody but nobody will even notice that through misdirection and with the help of smoke and mirrors, a junior Bush appointed and a great deal less than conservative RINO chief justice just quantum leaped the tax and spend nanny state agenda and expanded the tax powers of the federal government into the next millennium like an unloaded Calaveras county jumping frog.  The stick just joined the carrot in big brother’s arsenal of behavior modification and social engineering also known as (aka) subjects (not citizens) re-education.  

And the Constitution just joined liberty in the counterclockwise (northern hemisphere) downward spiral into the septic tank of history that will promptly forget the theft by conversion and interpretation of that people’s document by just one man; who single handedly converted it to a national suicide pact written on toilet paper.

How much the “lesser of two evils choice” were you given this time or do you even realize that even that luxury was not afforded you in your patriotic journey into the dung heap of dictatorship that is ruled by executive privilege, executive order, edict and decree (shipped in cattle cars) to be baked in ovens and its ashes spread like fertilizer on the growing fields of history.  

So let your heart not be troubled patriot as you in turn rejoice or decry your present position which to some is warm and comfortable and to others what the military describes as Delta Sierra.  This too shall pass and become just a footnote in your journey’s journal and someday very soon now you will look back upon this time as the good ole days when your world was just the carefree days of a magic show.