A few weeks back, back before Obamacare was suddenly upheld as a tax, before the primaries, before Abound Solar declared bankruptcy, something else went awry. The CU Board of Regents elected a liberal Democrat, Michael Carrigan, to lead the group, despite having a conservative majority. Why bother having elections if the conservative majority is just going to hand over the keys afterwards?

What a number of Peak readers have asked is: Was there an inside deal? A little, old fashioned vote trading? What in the frick and frack is going on there?

There's enough that doesn't pass the smell test here that we think it's time for a re-vote.

With issues like discount tuition for illegal immigrants, guns on campus and tuition rates rising, you would think conservatives would want to retain a firm grip on the board. 

Speaking of making students from Kansas and Wyoming pay more to attend CU than illegal immigrants, Michael Carrigan is a supporter. In February he voted to provide the special class of tuition. 

On gun rights, Carrigan wants to ban firearms from campus housing despite the Colorado Supreme Court upholding unanimously the right to have licensed guns on campus. 

When it comes to spending, Carrigan pushed an amendment to allow six-figure salaried administrators to get raises, a controversial move in light of the Daily Camera investigation that found CU using tuition hikes to hike administrator's salaries. 

On the big issues of the day, Michael Carrigan is no friend of conservatives. Why did the conservative majority on the CU Board of Regents pick him to lead?