Politico has an interesting article out today detailing the stalker-ish level Democrat trackers have achieved, including hiding in the bushes outside Republican politicians' homes and posting their home addresses online. That creepy tactic has reared its head in Colorado recently too, with liberal attack group Colorado Fair Share showing up at Congressman Mike Coffman's front door with video camera in hand.

After CD3 candidate Rep. Sal Pace whined to The Denver Post about his Republican tracker following him around the Capitol, surely Pace will disavow the tactics of his fellow Democrats and the outside groups aimed at getting them elected?

Per Politico:

Politicians recognize they give up a degree of privacy when they run for office.  

But Democrats are testing the outer limits of that understanding with a practice that raises questions about when campaign tracking becomes something more like stalking.  

While most serious campaigns on both sides use campaign trackers — staffers whose job is to record on video every public appearance and statement by an opponent — House Democrats are taking it to another level. They’re now recording video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates and posting the raw footage on the Internet for all to see.  

…In some cases, outside groups are producing the aggressive tracker footage themselves. A liberal group called Colorado Fair Share released a video showing volunteers hunting around the house of GOP Rep. Mike Coffman and asking neighbors if they’ve seen the congressman.  

In the video, a woman is seen knocking on the door of Coffman’s home in Colorado. Then, standing on the stoop, she turns to the camera and says: “Well, I guess he’s not home. Where’s Mike? We’ve been trying to find him." [Peak emphasis]

If you remember correctly, Pace lied to the Post and claimed his tracker was following him into the bathroom at the Capitol. The tracker wasn't actually doing that, though since Pace has two arrests for public urination, it might actually make sense to do that in his case. 

Regardless of Pace's untruths, does he think taping politicians' personal homes is appropriate? Pace's ally, Democrat state Rep. John Soper said following Pace around the Capitol "goes beyond the civility. It's just absolutely wrong."

If that's true, will Pace, Soper and Miklosi — Coffman's opponent — denounce Colorado Fair Share for stalking Congressman Coffman's home?