We received a tip yesterday that the Denver Post’s very own embedded reporter was named a finalist in the Society of Professional Journalism’s “Correspondent” category. In honoring Sherry, the SPJDC wrote, “Sherry understands how to narrow and translate the wide Washington web to hone in on her community’s needs and interests.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Sherry has absolutely narrowed her reporting on Washington to hone in on her community’s needs. Translated: Sherry only reports back to Colorado a very narrow list of topics that hone in on her Democratic friend's needs and interests. A few of the Peak’s favorite Allison Sherry demonstrations in journalistic excellence:

  • Sherry has yet to report on Jared Polis’ insider trading scandal, despite attention paid to the issue by “60 Minutes” and other national media outlets. 
  • Sherry refused to report that Polis used franked mail (yes, taxpayers paid for this) to invite all of Perlmutter’s new constituents to an event with Perlmutter, when criticizing Tipton for doing something similar.
  • Sherry published a blog post titled “Interior Department: Reps. Cory Gardner and Doug Lamborn are wrong”, in which she literally regurgitates talking points from the Obama administration without getting responses from Lamborn or Gardner.

We wish we could say that these are just a few isolated incidents – perhaps a journalist having a bad day – but, unfortunately, these are just a few examples of Sherry's partisanship. For a full analysis, check out this post from March.

Of course, given the clear evidence that she’s just a partisan hack, we’re surprised that the SPJ would sully its good name by naming Sherry a finalist. Obviously, the SPJ hasn’t enlisted any of its investigative journalist-members to evaluate Sherry’s reporting. If it had, it would have found that Sherry’s version of “narrowing and translating the wide Washington web” isn’t all that appealing to Coloradans.

Well, regardless, cheers to you, Allison.  Keep up the mediocre and biased work?

(Photo Credit: Allison Sherry’s FB page)