Even in the liberal bastion of Denver, President Obama finds himself among a crowd of people who would like to see him packing up his boxes at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Readers of Denver's 5280 Magazine chose Obama, for the second year in a row, as the politician they'd most like to boot from office.

It seems Barry can't catch a break in the Mile High City. Maybe it's the fact that unemployment has risen in Colorado for the last two months. For liberals it might be the fact that the waters didn't stop rising and the earth didn't begin to heal, as Obama promised would happen were he elected President in 2008. 

Whatever the reason, Denverites are jazzed to toss the Campaigner-in-Chief from office. We join them, as we did last year, in suggesting that we give the President the old heave ho

The editors of 5280 Magazine, however, turn their guns in a more liberally-inclined direction, choosing as the editorial pick Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler. 

While Gessler may be the chosen enemy among the liberal elite, that has so far had all of zero and zilch effect on his standing. A range of Denver-based Democrats have made fools of themselves in trying to take on Gessler. Check out our Top 4 Examples Of Gessler's Political Enemies Self-Imploding if you want.

If it were up to us, we'd gladly let the liberal media continue their failed assault on Secretary Gessler, while the great unwashed masses join us in chucking Obama.