It turns out that yesterday’s “oopsie-daisie” attack on Robert Ramirez and his family, in which Colorado Pols insinuated that Ramirez was having an affair with his 14-year old daughter, wasn’t an isolated incident. Just two weeks ago, on June 21, front page editor “Progressive Cowgirl” attacked Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, because she owns a horse that qualified for the U.S. Olympic dressage team. Progressive Cowgirl had this to say about Mrs. Romney:

“Ann Romney is an elitist, tone deaf rich bitch who genuinely thinks she's just like you, despite her family's estimated net worth of $200 million.”

Wow. We think somebody (ahem, Progressive Cowgirl) is jealous that her horse didn’t make the Olympic team. Look, we’ll admit that we giggle during the videos of dressage, which has been likened to “horse ballet”. Of course, the video below is our favorite dressage video.

All silliness and horse ballet fun aside, Pols treatment of female relatives of candidates – and female candidates themselves – is troubling.  We’ll admit, we’ve made fun of Michelle Obama’s excessive traveling and spending; however, the attacks described above are more personal and over the line.

Ann Romney initially became interested in dressage as a therapy for her multiple sclerosis. In the May 2004 issue of Dressage Today, Mrs. Romney notes that “because of her riding and alternative therapies, she is now off all medications and doing well. "I have so much joy in the moment and love each horse I'm on."

She also told her interviewer that “when she began riding, her condition had weakened her muscles so badly that she could barely sit on a horse.”

Honestly, it’s just not that funny to make fun of someone’s debilitating illness, or to shine a spotlight on a 14-year old girl. We challenge women and voters to take a hard look at the way that the left treats women and decide if that’s the party that speaks for you.