Governor Mitt Romney during his visit here to Colorado Springs today asked people to help out here in Colorado by vacationing here and use those tourist dollars to help us out in our time of troubles.

From the Washington Post

Stay at hotels,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee urged his fellow Americans on Tuesday, “go to restaurants and purchase local merchandise.”

A Romney aide said the candidate made the suggestion at the request of some of the fire victims he had met with, who asked him to urge people to vacation in Colorado Springs

But apparently having people come to our state and spend money doesn’t sit well with the WP’s writer.

Never mind that many Americans in the current economy – a new Romney campaign banner dubs it “Obama’s Upside-Down Economy” – cannot afford to take summer vacations.

And you can view comments from the Post’s article as well as comment’s from The Hill, Democratic Underground, and others via googling.  The idea of coming to Colorado, enjoying both the natural wonders and the man made attractions, and spending money to help support communities damaged by the wildfires is one the Left obviously hopes no one heeds.