As Allison Sherry reported yesterday, based on Washington Post numbers, Colorado is home to three of the four hottest media markets in the country this week. Helping drive that ad blitz are the triple threat of Crossroads GPS, Americans for Prosperity and the Romney campaign itself.

As part of their $25 million nationwide spree, American Crossroads is dumping $858,000 in the Denver, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs media markets on their new ad “Tried.” Over the next week the below ad will be running here in Colorado, as well as Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia:

The Romney campaign is also out with at least two new Colorado spots, one in Spanish and one in English, though the size and scope of the buys were not publicly released.

Read on to see the two Romney campaign spots…
The Spanish language ad, released yesterday and narrated by Romney’s son Craig, who is fluent in Spanish, is running in swing states with heavy Hispanic populations like Colorado, Nevada and Florida. It is the Romney campaign’s 8th TV spot in Spanish. Sherry reported it is running in the Colorado Springs media market.

Then today, the Romney campaign released a hard-hitting new ad called “No Evidence” that slams Obama for his misleading attacks and outright lies in his commercials, and again invokes Hillary Clinton’s line from 2008 “Shame on you, Barack Obama.” The ad quotes in slamming Obama for having “no evidence” for their attacks regarding outsourcing at Bain Capital.