In the fight over who is the bigger outsourcer, the Democratic National Committee recenty gave Barack Obama a migraine-level headache. In a recent radio interview, DNC Press Secretary Melanie Rousell said the federal Stimulus program had been spent on "pet projects" which included some funds that were spent "in other countries."

Her response to being called out on that by the RNC? Calling them liars

Let's run the tape:

Host: Would it have been, in your view, impossible to put those kinds of strings on the firms that received US dollars that none of that money would go to creation of jobs abroad?

Melanie Rousell: Well, in some of these cases the components for these pet projects were built in other countries because we didn’t have the market for it. [Peak emphasis]

Say what!?!

Is the DNC admitting that Obama used taxpayer money to create jobs in other countries for pet projects?

Deputy Communications Director for the RNC, and Colorado native, Tim Miller had this to say to Politico about the incident:

“The funny thing is this was a rare occasion where the DNC got caught telling the truth,” Miller said. “The stimulus was pet projects with components sent overseas. We agree on that.”

Calling people a liar, or even a felon, is a popular political slur today it seems. In this case, it’s not a he said/she said fight. It’s a she said Obama spent stimulus dollars overseas on pet projects fight. Whoops.