UPDATE 3: #ObamaFirstTermStories is now trending on Twitter! (See image to the right)

UPDATE 2: The #ObamaFirstTermStories tweets are flying “fast and furious” now. After the jump, we have a few of our favorites so far.

UPDATE: …and the meme has taken off. We'll highlight our favorites throughout the day.

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From the Department of You Can't Make This Sh*t Up, President Obama told CBS News yesterday that the "biggest mistake" from his first term was not telling the American people a better story. No, not the fact that he hasn't been able to fix the economy. Not Obamacare. Not the $15 trillion (and growing) national debt. But storytelling.

With unemployment rising in both April and May in Colorado, we're pretty sure a bedtime story isn't going to soothe the concerns of a state worried about more serious matters.

But Obama's contention that it was stories, not actions, that constituted the "biggest mistake" of his first term, got us thinking. If Obama had to tell a story about his first term, what would it be?

In the snarky spirit of Twitter hashtags we propose a few #ObamaFirstTermStories:

Economic "Misery" starring Kathy Bates as President Obama #ObamaFirstTermStories

Dude, Where's My Job? #ObamaFirstTermStories

Dude, Where's Abound Solar? #ObamaFirstTermStories

Crazy, Stupid, Pelosi Congress #ObamaFirstTermStories

500 Days of Winter #ObamaFirstTermStories

The (Blame) Artist #ObamaFirstTermStories

We Need To Talk About Biden #ObamaFirstTermStories


(Photo Credit: The Spokesman Review)