A few weeks back we reported shenanigans on the CU Board of Regents, as a body made up of Republicans and conservatives inexplicably elected a liberal Democrat as the Board's Chair.  

As an aside, we are interested in finding out what exactly happened — which Republican on the Regents conceded power of the state's notoriously liberal university to a liberal's liberal. More on that to come.  

As we work to uncover that story, we also wanted to point out that, in addition to being a liberal, the new Board Chair Michael Carrigan is also a weasel.  

In a pivotal vote where the CU Regents Republican majority voted to fight a lawsuit that would force billions of dollars in new spending for K-12 education, one member of the Regents went the way of the jelly fish.  

That member, per Ed News Colorado…

Voting for the resolution were Republicans Tillie Bishop, Steve Bosley, Jim Geddes, Kyle Hybl and Sue Sharkey, plus Democrat Stephen Ludwig. Democrats Irene Griego and Joe Neguse voted no. Chair Michael Carrigan, also a Democrat, chose not to vote, as is allowed under regents’ procedures.

The only reason we are making a fuss of Mr. Carrigan is because, in his election to the chairmanship, we smell a rat. Oh, and a jelly fish too.