American Crossroads, the group that makes Democrats cower in fear, is out with a new Colorado TV spot, attacking Obama and defending Romney.

Entitled "Smoke" the ad quotes numerous newspapers discrediting Obama's attack ads and hitting Obama for trying to run from his own dismal economic record.

It is set to run for 11 days in Colorado, with $495,000 behind it. The ad is also running in other swing states as part of a $9.3 million ad blitz, including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

“Barack Obama can't run on his failed economic record so his whole strategy is trying to put his opponent through the shredder – and even that’s failing because his attacks are misleading,” said American Crossroads director of state and regional media relations Nate Hodson. “This ad shows that not only are Obama’s attacks misleading, but that a president would only run runs ads like that when trying to hide a failed record like his.”