Do we have to do their job and ours?

On Tuesday, the Peak goaded Colorado Democratic Party spokesman and voter registration ombudsman, Matt Inzeo, about his threats of “watching” Secretary of State Scott Gessler when we discovered a lame web site called “Gessler Watch” that hadn’t been updated in about a month. It looked like someone was asleep on the job.

Lo and behold, today ProgressNow announced that it was “relaunching” – AND is now advertising on ColoradoPols in some kind of weird liberal money HumancentiPad.

We kind of feel bad – did we get someone in trouble for not doing their job? Well, not that bad. Here’s how we envision the conversation going on Tuesday afternoon:

Rick Palacio, chairman of the Colorado Dems: INZEEEEOOOOOO, get in here. Look at this article on the Peak. Why are you such an embarrassment to me?

Matt Inzeo:(Sniffling) Why does the Peak always pick on me? It’s not my fault my voter registration was all screwed up.

Palacio: Shut up, Inzeo, actually, it is your fault. Get those lazy operatives from ProgressNow on the phone. What the %#^@ are they doing over there?

(Distinct sound of the phone ringing)

Joanne Schwartz, executive director of ProgressNow Colorado: Hello?

Palacio: Joanne. What the $%^# are you guys doing over there, besides attracting embarrassing stories? What’s going on with GesslerWatch and why haven’t your interns updated it since JUNE? Are you Progress NOW or Progress LATER? I’ve got donors calling and freaking out about how their millions of dollars are being spent. Tim Gill, Pat Stryker, George Soros – they’re all breathing down my neck. Soros even called from Switzerland – from an appointment with his banker.  It's horrifying.

Schwartz: (trembling) I’m, I’m sorry Rick, I saw that article. It’s just that, well, you know, we did some issue polling and, um, we found that the voter ID laws that we we’ve been blasting are, um, you know, popular among the electorate.

Palacio: I DON’T CARE. Resurrect this web site NOW. And then, send a press release to The Post’s Sara Burnett. NOW. I want to see PROGRESS on this NOW.

And the rest is history. We’re just so glad that the crew at the Colorado Democratic Party and ProgressNow are such big fans of the Peak.