In a poignant interview that aired on 850KOA in the hours before mass murderer James Holmes' arraignment in front of an Arapahoe County judge, a woman, Lynn Johnson, who faced near-death in Theater 9 with her children and their father last week called for eternal suffering for the Batman murderer, saying she felt no compassion or sympathy for him and that he should "burn in Hell".  

Implicit in Johnson's call for Holmes to burn in Hell is that first the state should put him to death. We agree.

Meanwhile, at the arraignment the public was given its first full view of the human bile that was the target of the justified "burn in Hell" epithet.  

Death penalty? Burn in Hell? We couldn’t agree more.  

James Eagan Holmes should face the full weight of our justice system and its highest punishment…the death penalty.  

And when he meets that fate, deserved that it is, he will in fact face another — burning in Hell, as the Theater 9 movie goer aptly cried this morning.  

Even the death penalty and an eternity in Hell seems too meek a fate for Holmes. But it will have to do. Anything less than the death penalty would be a moral travesty.

(Photo Credit: Twitter)