The media's coverage of the Aurora killer's pre-massacre personal story has overwhelmingly focused on his education, his smarts, and the fact that most who knew him saw him as introverted and unremarkable.

In describing his life before the massacre, not enough attention has been paid to the seedy details of this slithering scumbag's bawdy behavior.

Camp counselor. Brain scientist. How could so normal a college kid commit such a brutal, inhumane crime, we are led to ask.

But this reporting about the human bile that is the Aurora murderer is a woefully incomplete view of his life pre-Batman massacre.

An alternative picture is emerging from the scrappy reporting of the celebrity gossip site TMZ. In a sign of just how much media in the modern age is changing, it has been TMZ — and not NBC, Fox News, or NPR — who has broken some of the biggest stories about the intimate details of the life of that “psychotic son of a bitch”.

And the picture their reporting paints of Holmes' pre-massacre shows a creepy, freakish sex fiend trolling for cheap sex tricks and recreational threesomes. A dirty little porn-grubber who openly talks up his small endowment and eerily hints at his future actions by asking on his profile “will you visit me in prison?”

From TMZ:

A profile on a popular sex website appearing to be that of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes is authentic … so say sources connected to the website.

As TMZ first reported, the profile appeared on the website just days before the “Dark Knight Rises” massacre. The profile included a cryptic message on the top which reads, “Will you visit me in prison?”

Sources at the website tell TMZ they have confirmed it was created by Holmes. We're told they tracked the IP address back to Aurora, CO and the account info for the profile (such as the address and DOB) matched up with Holmes.

In the profile, Holmes described his penis as “short/average,” said he was a “light/social drinker” and in the section where he's asked if he smokes or does drugs, he answered, “I'd prefer not to say.”

Far from a choir boy, TMZ's reporting helps form an image of a disgusting freak, who is more Buffalo Bill than serial killer sophisticant.

A columnist with The Examiner bolstered this view, writing that:

“the portrait of the “normal kid” — as he is described by some — is a stark contrast to the latest profile uncovered and verified as belonging to Holmes on an adult website.

In public, the killer may have been a bookish introvert. But in private he was an apparent pervert and freak. We say: enough with “bookish, introvert” narrative. Even before the massacre, the Aurora murderer was more and worse.