Comedy Central's Jon Stewart, preferred anchorman for the 20s and 30s set, went on a three minute and forty second diatribe against ABC News' "chief investigative correspondent" Brian Ross for his rush to link Aurora Tea Party member Jim Holmes to the Aurora gunman of the same name. 

Unfortunately for Ross, he didn't bother to check the ages.  The Satan Spawn Shooter, who killed 12 people, is 24.  The peaceful Tea Party member, who simply wants more responsible government, is 52. According to Revealing Politics, there are a whopping 26 registered voters with the name James Holmes in the Front Range.  And, that number doesn't even account for those who aren't registered to vote.

An excerpt from Stewart: "And I'm really sorry, deeply sorry…to the innocent man that I casually, baselessly, and publicly accused of, I don't know, maybe being a mass murderer. Cause when I was Googling his name, I saw the phrase, the 'Tea Party,' and thought, 'Oh, that's a preexisting narrative! I should get that on the TV.'"

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