Shame on you, Congressman Ed Perlmutter.

With families grieving and the crime scene still under investigation, the Democratic Congressman from Colorado's 7th Congressional District is inappropriately using the Aurora tragedy to push his long-held agenda on gun control.

On Sunday, Perlmutter went on CBS's Face The Nation and called for more gun control, such as the assault weapons ban, saying that Congress should take the lead, not the President. 

On other Sunday morning shows, Governor Hickenlooper took the opposite stance, saying gun control would not have stopped the Aurora shooting from occurring. 

But now is not the time for a debate on guns. Now is the time to console the grieving families, donate to victim funds and honor the many heroes that have come to the rescue in many ways during this horrific event. 

The victims of this senseless violence are not yet buried and yet Congressman Perlmutter feels okay stepping up on the soapbox to push his liberal agenda. 

It is not okay.

It is not the time for political agendas.

Shame on you, Ed Perlmutter.