Earlier today we noted Governor John Hickenlooper's admirable call for depoliticizing the Aurora tragedy. He said now is the time for grieving, not politicking.  

Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet agree.  

According to Politico this afternoon:

Colorado Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet took to the floor Tuesday evening, choking back tears at times, to honor the victims of the Aurora shooting.  

“Lives were saved Friday morning by those who did not let fear override their capacity to care for one another,” Udall continued. "Udall recited the names of the 12 victims. He has also proposed a Senate resolution to condemn the atrocities in Aurora and to honor the victims and survivors.  

"A tearful Bennet one-by-one showed pictures of the victims and told their story – their age, occupation, favorite sports teams, quotes about them from their loved ones and how they died in the movie theater.  

"The Colorado Democrats did not join others from their state’s delegation, such as Rep. Ed Perlmutter and Rep. Diana DeGette, in calling for stricter gun control laws."

This site is never a place for the mincing of words towards the Udalls and Bennets of the world, but we have to say that we are impressed. They honored the state well today in their tributes to the victims, avoiding any talk of political agendas.

There is a certain unseemliness to using a tragedy like Aurora for narrow ideological gain.  

Udall, Bennet and the Governor of this state get it. The Republicans in Congress do too.  

It is a shame Ed Perlmutter does not.