One of the first things we learned when our friends started having kids is to stay far, far away from the breastfeeding vs. formula debate.  Moms on both sides of the issue can be very passionate about the topic.  But, moms always had the choice to decide for themselves and their families the best method of feeding for their children. Until now.

Mayor Bloomberg and the Food Police have now issued an irrational policy to “push hospitals to hide their baby formula behind locked doors so more new mothers will breast feed.”

This is just another way that the liberal nanny-state is restricting options for women.  What about working women?  What if formula is the best option for them because they can’t stop everything to either pump breast milk or actually breastfeed their baby?  Why should women who choose formula “get a talking-to”, as cited in the New York Post?

Of course, the real question is whether Colorado Democratic candidates Crestina Martinez (SD-35) and Dominick Moreno (HD-32) also support this measure that restricts women’s right to choose.  Afterall, they’re the only candidates in Colorado who have received money from Michael Bloomberg this cycle – and typically, candidates receive money from those whose views are similar?

So, Crestina and Dominick, does your donor Mayor Michael Bloomberg speak for you on women’s right to choose the best feeding method for their newborns?  Are you two really against working mothers?