Compass Colorado recently highlighted an article in the Durango Herald showing the deceptive nature of Clean Slate Now, a Super PAC that was allegedly created to “get money out of politics by pressing candidates not to take special interest money”, per the Clean Slate now website.

Sounds good, right?  Sure, but the problem is that Clean Slate itself is a liberal special interest Super PAC that’s spending top dollars to support pet candidates. According to Compass Colorado President, Tyler Houlton:

“Clean Slate Now’s concept of creating a special interest Super PAC to rid the world of other special interest Super PACs is, frankly, hilarious.  All Ken Gordon has to do to fulfill his group’s goal is to dissolve Clean Slate Now so that there is one less special interest Super PAC out there.”

In fact, the Durango Herald, has called Clean Slate Now "one of the most active Super PACs in Colorado."  The article also cited that Clean Slate volunteers made 11,000 phone calls for HD41 candidate Jovan Melton, and the group paid for 8,000 mail pieces for him.  Melton won by approximately 50 votes.

The group’s founder, 2006 Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Ken Gordon, says his group is different than other Super PACs because their purpose is to recruit better candidates.

It sounds like he means better defended candidates, that is….