In a great read by Denver Post's Tim Hoover, embattled Democratic State Senator Evie Hudak admits that she's not a good fit for her district.  In the Post piece, she notes:

"The reason I have to work the hardest is because of the nature of my district," she said, pointing to its nearly even split among registered Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters. "I worked really hard last time, but now I have a voting record."

Oh, boy, does she ever.  But, what's so funny about it is that she blames (wait for it) her district, not her out of touch voting record.  As if to say that her voting record is right and her constituents are wrong.  Do you hear that?  It's the sound of 2/3 of her constituents rolling their eyes.

Let's be perfectly clear.  Hudak has to work the "hardest" NOW because she refused to work for those she was supposed to represent for the last four years.  In fact, we recently awarded her with what’s likely first pageant title ever – Queen of the Unions – because she has taken the most money from unions of anyone running for State House or State Senate.

She's been criticized for her support of Prop 103, which would have been a massive wealth transfer from hardworking Coloradans to fat cat union bosses and she opposed S.B. 191, which would have made it easier to fire poorly performing teachers, just for starters.  She claims to be an advocate for education, yet, has consistently come out against measures that would protect families and the quality education that kids in her district need to seize the American Dream. 

And, of course, her record should be the least of her concerns.  During her last election, she was lambasted (and rightfully so) for the lavish lifestyle she led on the taxpayers' dime. And, of course, there’s that $18,000 elephant in the room (ahem, campaign finance fines).

So, Evie, please stop complaining that you have to work so hard – you're only playing catch up for the last four (maybe more if you count her time on the Board of Ed) years.  Your constituents deserve better, and quite frankly, we're all tired of hearing you whine.