A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

As a result of a misquoted Tea Party written Press Release by Grand Junction’s Daily Sentinel, the whining and shrill cries from the local GOP related group Western Slope Conservative Alliance have reached a fever pitch.  The misquoted press release, which appeared in the “Brief’s” section of the local paper (July 28), proclaimed (right out there in front of God and everybody) that the GOP group was joining with GJResult.Tea Party in endorsing the Libertarian candidate (Timothy Menger) running for the House Dist 54 seat against the embattled GOP pick Jared Wright who has come under fire in the media after his resignation under pressure from the Fruita, CO Police Dept and the ensuing “Brady” letter (credibility concerns)forwarded by the local DA to area defense attorneys.  

The misquote, which the publisher of the Daily Sentinel attributes to his staff’s state of confusion over the similarity in names between two totally unrelated political groups, Western Slope Conservative Alliance Tea Party  and GJResult Tea Party who issued the press release  and Western Slope Conservative Alliance (the GOP group).  And the name similarity issue has been the subject of much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands by the Western Slope Conservative Alliance crowd who apparently realized right after the new Tea Party (with a similar name) was formed and they registered their Trade and Domain Name, that was the name the GOP related group really wanted, despite the fact that in 2010 the then Pres and Treasurer of that group registered with the Sec of State the fictitious Tea Party name Western CO Tea Party just in time to anoint then Congressional candidate Scott Tipton as a Tea Party candidate.

Western Slope Conservative Alliance who has been reported over the last couple of years as ‘Tea Party related’, ‘Tea Party affiliated’ and through the inevitability of gradualism recently as “The Tea Party” has been unable to capitalize on its politically expedient move to the right because of their inability to draw a crowd at its “Tea Party” events and seminars on the NDAA bill and Agenda 21.  Despite the support of their co-sponsor’s (American’s for Prosperity and the Mesa County Republican Party), the Western Slope Conservative alliance at their May 4 “Tea Party” event was only able to draw about 150 people as compared to the 3,000 plus who attended the April 15, 2009 GJResult.Tea Party organized and sponsored Tea Party event held in GJ’s Lincoln Park.  

As a result of their failure to capture the western slope conservative vote by proclaiming themselves to be a Tea Party, Western Slope Conservative Alliance has moved so far toward the radical right that they’ve been labeled the “Tinfoil Hat” group by a columnist who writes for the same newspaper who screwed up the press release.  

And to add to their problems, this morning’s news reports has the leadership of the GOP making no comment as to whether they will stand behind their anointed House Dist 54 candidate Jared Wright.  To say the GOP in Mesa County is in disarray would be a gross understatement with the Democrats coming out (they don’t have a dog in the House Dist 54 fight) on local blogs in bunches and hordes (which promises to turn into a rout) in support of the Libertarian candidate.  Politics in Mesa County more closely resembles a Marx Brother’s production complete with Larry, Curly and Moe than anything the voters might expect emanating from an organized political party.

And now comes late word that the Daily Sentinel is planning a big article to explain their staff’s current state of confusion and their failure to honor the four written Tea Party requests (to date) for a correction of the Sentinel’s misquote of the written press release by the Tea Parties, who also have refused to comment or participate in the article due to their “concerns that anything they say (even in a written statement) would be misquoted with no option for correction” which at least appears to be the most accurate and logical assessment of the current predicament commonly referred to as Mesa County politics.  A Rose by any other name…….