Gallup daily tracking polls from January to June 2012 found President Obama has an anemically low approval rating in Colorado of 43%. To put that in perspective, that's lower than any other swing state in the nation, besides New Hampshire.

Obama crosses the all-important 50% approval rating in only 13 states, plus the District of Columbia. In the other 37 states, Obama's approval falls below the crucial majority mark. 

Coloradans share a similar sentiment of Obama's job performance with voters in such rock-ribbed red states as Mississippi and Texas, and are two points more dissatisfied with Obama than voters in Georgia. Not safe territory for re-election.

Check out Gallup's state-by-state numbers:


If you're still wondering why Obama has run a slash-and-burn campaign, completely devoid of the "hope and change" mantra of 2008, wonder no more. 

Obama can't win on his record. When you're at 43% approval the only way to win is to make voters hate your opponent even more.