Competing polls on the Presidential race in Colorado were released today, with Rasmussen Reports showing the race tied at 47% and Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling (PPP) continuing to peddle their BS outlier results, showing Obama up 49%-43% over Governor Romney.

Both polls show basically no movement in the race from their earlier surveys, despite the nearly $30 million that has been spent on advertising already in Colorado this cycle.

In June, Rasmussen had the race tied at 45%, while PPP had Obama up 49%-42% at the same time.

What's important to look at when analyzing these polls, especially with the race so tight, is not the top line numbers that make the headlines, but the trends and crosstabs. In that sense, both PPP and Rasmussen agree — the race is virtually unchanged since June. 

What they seem to disagree on is how much support Romney has among Republicans.

Rasmussen has Obama and Romney garnering equal support from their own parties at 91%, while PPP shows Romney getting only 85% support among Republicans while Obama pulls in 92% support from Democrats. 

Both pollsters also disagree on how unaffiliated voters are viewing the race, with Rasmussen showing Obama and Romney get 44% of that segment's vote. PPP's poll has Obama over Romney with unaffiliateds 49%-38%. 

Other pollsters who have done surveys in Colorado, and who have better reputations than PPP or Rasmussen, see the race tied. In July, Purple Strategies had the race Obama 45% to Romney 44%, with Romney up with independents by 6 points.

What this all means is that PPP continues to paint what Fox31's Eli Stokols has called a "rosy picture" for Obama in Colorado. The real truth is the race is tight and no one is breaking out ahead. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them we have a nice bridge we want to sell them in Alaska Jefferson County.