Ungrateful. While our men and women in the military are out defending Obama Campaign Senior Advisor David Axelrod's right to be a jerk, he's conducting a press junket in an effort to defend the campaign’s lawsuit saying that the military shouldn’t get special voting privileges.  The Obama for America campaign is suing the State of Ohio because the state wants to expand military early voting opportunities.  According to Heritage, “The essence of the Obama campaign’s complaint is that providing any extra time to such a special class of voters is ‘arbitrary and capricious’ and therefore a violation of the Equal Protection Clause.” Check out what Axelrod has to say at about the ten minute mark:

Colorado has over 50,000 military personnel stationed here, according to the American Forces News Serivce. We’ll have that debate – should members of the military have special voting rights – any day of the week.

This is particularly dumb of Axelrod given the 15 nonpartisan military and veterans organizations that are supporting this measure, including AmVets and the National Coast Guard Association.

Axelrod, this is a debate you will lose.

We applaud Ohio's Secretary of State for standing up to the Obama Bully Machine led by Axelrod. We know that our own Secretary of State Scott Gessler has defended the voting rights of members of the military in the past. It's just the right thing to do. David Axelrod, shame on you!