The Colorado Women's Alliance shared findings from two focus groups consisting of Republican and Independent female voters.  As it turns out, women aren't buying Obama's lame talking points on the so-called "war on women" allegedly waged by Republicans.  Kind of makes Sandra Fluke's visit tomorrow a little pointless, you know, since female voters aren't really buying what the Democrats are selling.  From the Colorado Women's Alliance press release:

“This administration’s obsession with birth control is quite frankly offensive to women everywhere.  It reinforces the misconception that women’s primary purpose is sexual or childbearing,” said Debbie Brown, executive director of the Colorado Women’s Alliance.  “Every day, women across Colorado of all ages are working hard at their jobs and in their homes.  President Obama’s obsession with this is puzzling to these women who are grappling with issues of unemployment, rising energy costs, failing school systems, and small business roadblocks.”

The organization highlighted a few of its other findings from the focus group:

  • Most women were concerned about jobs overall, their finances, and the economy, and did not prioritize government-funded birth control as an issue.
  • Older women were concerned about their children or grandchildren’s future quality of life, and their children’s opportunity to get a good job.
  • Approximately half of the women had no idea what “War on Women” meant; and, women felt that the offer for free birth control, and the associated political pandering, was offensive.
  • Some women preferred the Republican Party for being “hands off” regarding the contraceptives issue, and felt the Democrats were increasing regulations for no valid reason.

The focus groups were conducted by Magellan Strategies to determine which issues and messages resonated with independent women. The studies included women from the Denver Metro area who voted for Democratic or Republican candidates in the 2006, 2008, or 2010 elections.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado, Ms. Fluke.  You are welcome, your rhetoric is not.  Our ladies are too smart for your nonsense.