In Pueblo today at the Obama rally, The Denver Post's Sara Burnett reports that Democrat Congressional candidate Sal Pace is nowhere to be found. His reason? A complete lie. When asked on Twitter if Pace had been spotted at the rally, Burnett responded:

Not invited is a complete and unadulterated lie, and a terribly constructed one at that. Everyone was invited according to Obama’s campaign website.

The truth is Pace’s biggest enemy in this election is not his opponent, Congressman Scott Tipton, but the man atop the ticket, President Barack Obama. Widely reviled across the conservative 3rd Congressional District, Obama acts as a serious down ticket drag to Democrats.

In the Democrat wave year of 2008, Obama still lost the 3rd CD. Sources familiar with polling predict Obama will lose the 3rd CD in 2012 by double digits. That means Pace has to keep his distance, even if it requires having his campaign manager straight up lie to a reporter for the state’s flagship newspaper.

Somebody should ask Pace for an honest answer as to why he ditched the President’s speech only blocks from his Congressional campaign office. After all, he ditched two days at his job at the State Legislature to attend Obama’s State of the Union in January.