Former Colorado Capitol aide and stand-up comedian Caleb Bonham became a sudden national conservative celebrity yesterday with his brilliant send-up for Revealing Politics of Obama Denver rally attendees completely unable to defend their contradictory positions on government getting involved in social issues.

If you aren't among the 120,000 views the video has already racked up, check it out here:

The video blew up faster than a North Korean rocket, ending the whirlwind day with a prominent play on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor — the number one cable news show on television.

As Bill O'Reilly said of Bonham, a former legislative aide to Republican State Reps. J. Paul Brown and Brian DelGrosso this past session, "he's a pretty sharp guy." We agree (and so does Caleb):

Virtually every conservative site and some major news ones on the interwebs picked up the video and ran with it — earning an eye-popping 5,600 likes on The Blaze and prominent placement on Hotair, RealClearPolitics,, Pajamas Media, National Review, and the list goes on. 

Master of the man on the street interview, Caleb has quickly become a force to watch on the web.  

And so has Revealing Politics. Only last week the Colorado-based blog made it on Fox News again for a video of a Congressman Ed Perlmutter townhall where Perlmutter invokes the tragedy in Aurora to justify his support of Obamacare, earning a rebuke from Sarah Palin who called the statement “absolutely disgusting.”

Check that Fox News clip out here.

And don’t forget to swing by too while you’re at it.