Poor Brandon Shaffer Shafted.  Perhaps he's been very, very busy trying to rebuild his Congressional campaign after getting screwed in the redistricting process, and has missed the enormous, steaming pile of negative economic news. 

On Wednesday morning, he told the Longmont Times-Call's John Fryar that "we've got a good track record of creating jobs here in Colorado."

That's a surprising proclamation seeing as Colorado's long-term average unemployment hovers just above 5.5%.  ICYMI: (Shafted, this is for you) unemployment is at 8.2%, which is tied with the national unemployment.  And, it was under his Senate leadership that Colorado reached a ten-year high of 9% unemployment in 2010. And while we're no longer at 9%, we're still a far cry from the usual 5.56%.

We wished we lived on Sen. Shafted's planet, where jobs are plentiful.  We bet the approximately 225,000 unemployed Coloradans do, too.