Game on.

This will be an election about something. Not nothing.

The left would like to debate abortion. And the pill.

Hell no.

We will debate the financial solvency of the Greatest Republic in the History of the Earth.

We will choose between big reform or big embrace of the status quo.

If the Democrats thought they were going to get away with winning this election by fighting on ground best described as small, now they know different.

In arrogance, they will celebrate this pick – say it is a fight they are eager to have.

But on the morning after the election, liberal confetti still stranded above the rafters, they will know that America is still about something. Something big. Something important. Something more fundamental than taxpayer subsidy for sex.

Romney's pick was audacious — take that Obama. It was genius — take that doubters.

Ryan's pick ensures that this election will be about something — something big. And so will the Romney-Ryan administration — it will be about saving America from fiscal ruin.