Update: As it turned out, according to Denver Post's Lynn Bartels, the Paul Ryan private dinner was held at Amber and Michael Fries' home, one of Denver's most historic homes in the Cheesman Park neighborhood, often referred to as "Stoiberhof". 

The home was first owned by the Stoibers, who were entrepreneurs of the Silver Lake Mine in Silverton, Colorado.  What better a location than a home that so celebrated the entrepreneurial, "Wild West" spirit of Colorado?  The use of such a historic location in Denver only further underscores Ryan's kinship to and understanding of the role that Colorado plays regionally and nationally.  Interestingly, the home is also subject of a Titanic mystery.  Check out the Denver Story Trek audio about the home here.

Paul Ryan is headlining two fundraisers tonight, as we reported exclusively earlier today. The second one is at a secret spot, the location of which is only revealed to confirmed attendees. As the Statesman's Ernest Luning tweeted, "like a rave".  Since we don't have $25,000 to spare, and hence won't be attending, we thought we'd make some guesses as to the secret location for the Battleground dinner. 

10) Burger King: Ryan is known as a budget hawk.  What could be more appropriate than hosting his fundraiser at the cheapest eats in Cherry Creek?  Of course, BK's fries are simply not as good as McDonald's.  Still. 

9) Pura Vida: With Ryan's serious commitment to fitness and health, why not get a workout in while asking donors for cash.  We're just not sure that all the donors will be game for P90X, Ryan's preferred fitness routine.

8) Denver GOP HQ: While the Denver GOP headquarters at 110 Cook St. might work for activist types, it may not be quite the right venue for the private dinner.

7) Piatti: How much fun would it be for Party die-hards to dine and dash from this beloved eatery rumored to be owned in some way by Nancy Pelosi?

6) The Blue Jeans Bar: Now that Ryan has hit the presidential circuit, he'll be needing some stylish jeans to rival Romney's jeans.  Biggest donor gets to pick out Ryan's jeans?

5) JW Marriot: It can hold a lot of people, this is actually a legit guess.

4) Cherry Cricket: What better place to plant his flag in CO than at this local favorite once owned by Hickenlooper? 

3) Saks Galleries: We're sure this top fine art gallery would be thrilled to help Ryan and his donors pick something out to replace the Churchill bust returned to the British Embassy. 

2) North Face: As an outdoor enthusiast, we can't think of a better location for Ryan to talk about his frequent trips to the top of Colorado's 14ers.  Consider all the props available for adding color to his climbing stories!

1) Private Residence: A very prominent Catholic donor who happens to live in a luxury condo in Cherry Creek.

But, of course, these are all just guesses….