After forcing the public trustee from Boulder County to step down for abusing taxpayer dollars, Governor Hickenlooper has appointed a new person…who appears to be planning on abusing taxpayer dollars. Getting the nod yesterday for the Boulder County public trustee position — that pays $72,500 a year — was Paul Weissmann, who is currently House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino's Chief of Staff.

Weissmann has said he plans on staying in his legislative job through November. 

Over 200,000 Coloradans have no job, but Weissmann gets two from the taxpayers? His double dip deal-e-oh for two political patronage jobs may be a sweet gig for himself, but the citizens of Colorado might disagree.

Let's review why the now former Boulder County trustee lost his job. Per excellent investigative reporting by The Denver Post's David Migoya:

Boulder County Public Trustee Rich Gebhardt for years has collected a small commission for establishing insurance coverage for himself and his employees, who in turn pay nearly nothing for their policies or medical expenses. He said it saves the office money.


So "collecting a small commission" from the taxpayers in addition to his salary was a step too far for Gebhardt but taking what amounts to probably $60-80,000 a year for the Chief of Staff position is okay for Weissmann?

It sure would be nice if some members of the press asked Ferrandino and Hickenlooper how they justify this double dipping. 

Gebhardt told the Post that he was going to reapply to his position, but it turns out he was turned down in favor of another political ally of Governor Hickenlooper. Weissmann has previously been the House Majority Leader, so he has many Democrat friends in high places. 

How exactly is Weissmann planning on putting in a full day's work in both Boulder County and the Colorado Capitol in order to justify taking a full day's salary from taxpayers, twice? 

What's the deal, Governor Hickenlooper and Minority Leader Ferrandino? Is this responsible and ethical stewardship of taxpayer dollars?