KRED, a social media analytics company, recently published a list of the Top 50 Political Bloggers on Twitter, with two separate lists of the Top 50 Influencers and the Top 50 Outreachers.

Colorado-based conservative bloggers took home the top spot in both the Top Influencers list and the Top Outreachers list. In Colorado, we may not be in the Amtrak corridor among the media elite, but that clearly hasn't chastened the impact these bloggers are having. 

Colorado Springs-based Michelle Malkin was ranked the most influential political blogger in the nation on Twitter, beating out such high profile contenders as Politico and NBC's Chuck Todd. Malkin has been a pioneer in the political blogging field, helping found and lead some of the most important (and trafficked) blogs out there from to, and now

Also based in Colorado is Michelle Ray, better known as @Galtsgirl on Twitter, who took home the top spot in the nation for Top Outreacher, beating out ABC's Jake Tapper and Slate's Dave Weigel. Michelle also also nabbed the #16 spot on the Top Influencers list. She is the Social Media Director for

We're proud to call Michelle Malkin and Michelle Ray friends at Colorado Peak Politics, even if they don't know who we are in person. 

Always nice to hear your friends and allies are succeeding. And crushing liberals.