In July, unemployment rose for the fourth straight month in Colorado, rising to 8.3% or on par with the national level of unemployment. 

KDVR's Eli Stokols reports:

DENVER – With less than three months until Election Day, Colorado’s unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3 percent over the month of July.  

The slight uptick from June’s 8.2 percent rate puts Colorado’s rate on the same level as the national rate for the first time since 2005.  

Overall, the state added 4,500 jobs between June and July, but it wasn’t enough to offset the growing number of people still looking for work.  

The news is dismal for job-seekers — and for President Obama’s chances of winning this critical swing state.

At 82 days out, the last thing Obama's re-election wanted was headlines about not only the dismal state of the Colorado economy, but the continued deterioration of it

In March, Colorado unemployment was at 7.8%. In April, it rose to 7.9%. Then in May, it rose again to 8.1%. June saw 6,900 payroll jobs disappear, and the Colorado unemployment rose again to 8.2%.

Now that terrible trend continues in July, with unemployment rising again to 8.3%. 

At what point does this stop being Bush's fault?