A new endeavor, My Purse Politics, has officially launched by revealing its advertising campaign “One Woman’s Story” featuring Colorado women from Douglas, Denver, and Jefferson Counties, who have concerns about the direction our country is headed.

My Purse Politics, headed by finance guru Molly Vogt, is a resource to help women connect how poor government policy impacts their budgets and their families’ financial health.  Vogt noted:

“Colorado women need access to information about how government policy affects their wallets. My Purse Politics offers women the tools they need to apply government policy to their everyday lives, and in turn, make the best choices for them and for their families.”

The ad campaign will feature real women who have concerns about their financial security, such as Carol Perry, who is concerned that her aging parents receive the best care possible, but also worries that her adult children will not be able to navigate the challenging economy.  The ads will be seen on Pinterest and Facebook.

Pinterest reaches an important demographic for Republicans this year – women.  According to internet consultants, comScore, approximately 68% of Pinterest users are women, and most active user profiles are 25 to 34 year-old women.

In addition to ads focusing on real women, My Purse Politics also serves as a repository for economic data on women.  The effort is also part of the Colorado Women’s Alliance, which supports research, education, and advocacy around areas of concern to female voters in Colorado.