Unintended Consequences

A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

For the first time in a long time, Mesa County voters may catch a break in the House District 54 race.  Without a rehash of the lurid details or the comedy of errors that precipitated the present boots on the ground reality that just might qualify as divine intervention, Mesa County voters are enjoying the presence of two candidates; (the only two candidates for that house seat), who are not attached at the hip to the GOP.  One (Tim W. Menger) by choice and by virtue of the fact that he’s a conservative Libertarian rather than Republican, and the other by happenstance.

Jared Wright, the GOP nominee has been thrown so far under the bus by the party bosses that he needs a GPS unit to find out just how far under the bus he’s been thrown.  But here’s a clue.  In this morning’s Daily Sentinel an article by Charles Ashby, link, it was announced that a local businessman (Alex Chaffetz) with ties to Rock Chalk Media) spent 400 clams on robo-calls to 6000 area GOP loyalists beseeching them to call Jared Wright (phone number included) and hammer him with requests to “do the right thing” and drop out of the race.  

Now it’s no secret locally that the party bosses have his handpicked replacement in pocket even though a notable number of area political climbers have received calls indicating that they just might be the GOP pick to replace Jared Wright; if of course they will join the parade (which at this point closely resembles a lynch mob with pitchforks and torches), calling for Wright to step down.

There is a great wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth with a looming deadline fast approaching for the printed ballot to of course be printed and if that ballot appears with Jared Wright’s name on it; well that’s where the voters of Mesa County get a break. They’ll have essentially a lock on electing a candidate with no outstanding IOUs being held by the Republican Party.

And that would be an absolute apocalypse for the powers that be with the hue and cry from the GOP mob already reaching a Kent State roar.  It will be an interesting character study to see if Mr. Wright can hold to the courage of his convictions to remain the Republican nominee.

Even more interesting, from the grassroots perspective will be the necessary transition of the GOP created lynch mob from detractors to avid supporters of  Jared Wright when they’re all out of options and they have to fish or cut bait in support of their official nominee.

The sport of Mesa County poll watching has never seen a surlier bunch than can be expected to show up this election to face the unintended consequences of their own creation but that’s what happens when the inmates take over the Bedlam.  It is hoped that as logical self thinking individuals that the Republican pundits find that out of the 6000 members that they consider loyal to their dictates, more than half of the people on the list have given up on the Party line bickering and whining and see this thing through to the end without more embarrassment.  

As a result many people have lost all respect for the Republican Party, not because of Jarred Wright, but because they are showing that they are a group of people fighting each other from within, eating up precious time, and taking the entire ship down with them.

ISSUES ??  What the heck is an issue?  Egos are much more important! .So hang in there Jared; you may not be Mr. Right but you certainly know how to entertain and in Mesa County; that’s a big step up from watching haircuts.