UPDATE: A reader writes in to note the gentleman seated to Pelosi’s left is none other than Al Yates, former CSU President and mouthpiece for liberal heiress Pat Stryker. Pelosi and the head of the Colorado Democracy Alliance meeting at the Brown Palace really makes you wonder what’s up.

Maybe Pelosi is beginning to get worried about Democratic Congressional candidates Sal Pace, Joe Miklosi and Ed Perlmutter. Could she have been fishing for Super PAC donations for her House Majority PAC?


Yesterday, we reported that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was spotted at the Brown Palace in Denver. Our tipster tells us the Wicked Witch of the West was discussing Obama polling data and the photographic evidence seems to suggest she was concerned by what she was hearing.

No wonder — the polling in Colorado is moving in the wrong direction for Team Hopenchange. 


Wonder why her presence was not announced? Could that have something to do with her starring role in Republican attack ads last cycle leading to the historically huge 63-seat loss Pelosi presided over as Speaker?

If so, it was probably best for Pelosi to keep her visit under wraps.

Thankfully for Peak readers, we have eyes and ears everywhere. There's no hiding from us, Madam Minority Leader.