Last night, in New York City, President Obama fundraising with Denver’s most anticipated trade, Carmelo Anthony, along with other NBA stars such as Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning.  Interestingly, Obama’s spokesperson described the line up as “NBA heroes”.

Given Obama’s love of basketball, this isn’t shocking, but his pairing with Anthony has certainly raised eyebrows.  A couple of years ago, Anthony helped make the pro-drug YouTube video called “Stop Snitchin”.

The DVD shows alleged drug dealers talking about the consequences for people who talk to the police, and Anthony is standing next to one of them, who later in the video says he would “put a hole in [snitches’] head[s]”..  In the DVD, Anthony also claims to have thrown his Olympic bronze medal in a lake.

Coloradans probably also remember Anthony’s pot bust at the Denver International Airport, and his DUI charge in 2008, so his participation in this video shouldn’t be terribly surprising.  It’s just unfortunate that President Obama has chosen to align himself with someone who is so far from heroic.

What’s up with all these stories about Democrats and drug dealers lately?