The Obama campaign and its affiliated Super PAC, Priorities USA, have tried to lay the blame of a woman's death from cancer on Mitt Romney. If you've been reading news in the last, oh, say, month, you might have heard about how awfully the attack backfired — both for its complete and total inaccuracy and how cheap and dirty a campaign it reflected.

But for the Obama campaign, it gets worse. Call it the cancer attack blowback.

Reports The Hill:

A new study by Vanderbilt University found that an ad from Mitt Romney criticizing President Obama over a super-PAC attack that insinuated the presumptive Republican nominee was responsible for the death of a cancer patient is having a measurable effect on swing voters.  

The study found that Romney's "America Deserves Better" commercial was resonating with swing voters, moving "pure independents" who remained undecided some 6 percentage points in the Republican's favor.  

The researchers said this was the first ad of the campaign cycle they had studied that resonated with true swing voters.  

…."It was the first time among all the ads we have studied where a Romney attack moves down the president's numbers among pure independents," he continued.

Now we have conclusive proof that it has backfired not just with the political and media set, but among the hallowed and much-sought after "true swing voter" — you know, that super small segment of the population of which billions will be spent trying to influence this year. 

Check the response ad out here:

As Paul Ryan says on the stump, hope and change have become attack and blame.

Guess what? It’s not only not working, it’s blowing up in their face.