The Republican Jewish Coalition has released a new ad featuring a former Obama supporter, Brad Rose, who says:

"I don't think we can afford another four years of an administration that thinks it can create economic opportunity and growth by taxing people into submission.  I just don't think there's an environment right now that is fostering any kind of growth."

Further, Rose expresses dissatisfaction with the fact that Obama has not stepped foot in Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, his entire presidency, which seems incomprehensible, but is true.

With Obama's inability in his horribly busy golf schedule to visit Israel, it’s no wonder that the Jewish community is looking for a candidate more in tune to its needs.

Romney has already shown more commitment to Israel, and the Jewish population in the United States, than Obama, which might account for his record-breaking fundraiser in Aspen last month.  The event helped raise $2.5 million for Romney's tough campaign at the home of Israel supporter and long-time Obama backer, Susan Crown.