On the Wright Side of the Mountain There’s a Bad Moon Arisin’

A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

The problem with the truth is that it is seldom known and too often buried as a secret only to be shared by the guilty.  It is there that the truth becomes a rogue monster that quickens the heart and puts the taste of fear on the tongues that lie.

There is a rogue cop on the loose in the happy valley or so some would have you believe because it was their hand that held the leash, but they failed to check the pedigree and they bought a dog that won’t hunt and can’t be housebroken; in spite of the fact that he was carefully groomed as a fetcher.

Some puppies are like that.  They just seem to have a mind of their own; a character that requires slippers to chew on and sofa cushions to dig at when their bosses are away.  There is a little wolf in every dog and to the impatient handler that remnant of primal instinct can become an insurmountable obstacle that begs the expedient solution that the dog be put down; destroyed or abandoned, disowned and disavowed.  Blame the wolf.  Point at the DNA.

Hide the handler’s hands and the truth that rogues may be created as well as born.  But know this as the truth; that somewhere behind the innocent eyes of the mistreated puppy is the heart of the wolf that knows no master, patiently lying in wait to feed on the hand that bites him.