While the Obama Regime, represented by Hillary Clinton, supports the ‘Istanbul Process’ based on the pro-sharia ‘Cairo Process,’ which makes defamation of Islam a crime, enforced by the UN, Europe’s ‘Brussels Process’ would make enforcement of Sharia Law an international crime against free speech and liberty. What’s more, the declaration also abrogates the EU support for a Palestinian state.

FYI: The Obama Regime is using the Department of Justice to battle, in court, every state that has passed anti-sharia legislation in order to get them to reverse it. They have succeeded in at least one case.

The culmination of the International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights on 9 July 2012 was the reading and signing of the Brussels Declaration. The Declaration set up a global strategic line of action against the worldwide Islamic enforcement program for Shariah Law.

In the video below, Alain Wagner (France) introduces the document, after which Ned May (USA) reads the text of the resolution and then Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Austria) reads the eight requirements demanded of our governments. The signing of this document marked the beginning of the Brussels Process, an ongoing initiative which aims to protect free speech and individual liberty from being undermined by proponents of Shariah Law.