The Colorado "Independent", that paragon of journalistic objectivity who hired Congresswoman Diana DeGette's daughter to run the site initially, appears to be experiencing its final death throes. With only six articles published in August it seems only a matter of time before the left-wing online rag shuts down for good.

With the ever-dwindling amount of content, and particularly any content that people actually read, we have to wonder: 

Has Our Lady of Fort Collins, liberal heiress Pat Stryker, given up on the site? Is she pulling her inherited funds?

The demise of the "Independent" has been a long time coming. A few years ago, when it was called Colorado Confidential, the site had some actual impact. But that was long ago and far away. 

If the “Independent” does go under it will join Colorado Media Matters in the dustbin of forgotten liberal organizations in Colorado. Just look at how relevant former Colorado Media Matters boss Bill Menezes is now! (What do you mean you don't know who he is?)

Can you remember the last time the Colorado Independent had a story that mattered? That actually influenced the political conversation? We can't.

Their conservative counterpart, The Colorado Observer, on the other hand, has been making quite the splash recently. 

Between reporting that Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi had a back pay complaint filed against his campaign for not paying a staff member in full and uncovering an ex-con drug felon working in Miklosi's fundraising department, The Observer is not a favored outlet over at Joe's campaign headquarters. 

How the tables have turned.