The Romney campaign sent out a list of Colorado energy advisors today. While it was full of the usual suspects you'd expect, one name in particular popped out to us: Peter Dea.

From the release:

Lakewood, CO – Romney for President announced today the Mitt Romney Colorado Energy Advisory Committee. These leaders will guide the campaign’s outreach to various sectors of the energy industry in Colorado including coal, mineral, wind, renewable and oil and gas industries – all of which play a crucial role in Colorado's economy.

On the Advisory Committee is Peter Dea, a big time Democrat donor and close ally of Governor Hickenlooper. He maxed out to Hick's gubernatorial campaign in 2010 and has given to a host of other Colorado Democrats, from US Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet to Tom Strickland's campaign for governor.

The Obama administration has done a bang-up job of pissing off most of the oil and gas industry here in Colorado. As an American Petroleum Institute report found in January of this year, comparing 2007/8 to 2009/10, leases on federal lands in the West are down a whopping 44%. 

If Obama is going to cut off the energy industry in Colorado, it looks like they have no problem cutting him off too.