The government holding up economic growth?  Shocking, we know.  The Western Energy Alliance,  a trade association representing companies engaged in all aspects of environmentally responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the West, released a new video that explains how government bureaucracy is preventing the creation of 65,000 new jobs in the West each year.  See the video below.

From the video: "The federal government accuses companies of not producing on existing leases, yet its the government that is preventing development. A company leases land from the government for 10 years.  The clock starts ticking but the company can't start developing until a complex, drawn out bureaucratic process is completed.  Unnecessary red tape and environmentalist lawsuits delay every step, while the economy suffers.  The government's failure to approve oil and gas projects in the West is preventing the creation of 65,000 jobs and $15B in econonmic growth every year."

The commercial goes on to encourage Washington to "get it in gear".  We couldn't agree more.