Today, Westword published an article about the growing importance of Colorado in the presidential election. And, of course, the ultimate swing voter – women – came up.  And, you'll never believe who surfaced as the spokesperson – none other than Delia Ciano, who was outed late last week for her dishonest role as a "Republican Woman for Obama".  Most of the criticism stemmed from the fact that she's not actually a Republican and has not been one for some time.

In fact, Powerline, one of the outlets that broke the story, actually took a screen shot of her Facebook page, which shows that she's pretty firmly left the Republican camp.  Additionally, a quick voter registration check shows that she’s never been registered as a Republican.  A quick check with campaign finance records shows no donations by Ciano at any level, which is fine.  One doesn’t have to donate or register as a Republican in order to self-identify as one.  But, it’s awfully convenient.  Powerline also reports that "…[Ciano] was part of a small group that met with Michelle Obama when Mrs. Obama was in Colorado on August 11, presumably indicating that she has some stature in the Obama campaign."

We've reached out to Westword for comment and this is the response of Sam Levin, the journalist who wrote the story:

My article doesn’t say that Delia Ciano is a “Republican for Obama,” but that she voted Republican up until 2008 when her daughter convinced her to vote for Obama, which is accurate. She has since supported the president and now volunteers for the campaign.

But, seeing as she can say anything she wants about her prior beliefs, and she claims to speak as a former Republican, we also found it offensive that Ciano said the following: “She hopes some of the women she talks to will cast their vote for Obama – and their husbands don’t have to know.”  As if women vote for Republicans simply because their husbands tell them to do so?  That’s just insulting to women, and we can assure her that she does not speak for the majority of women.