Last week, Colorado's Revealing Politics took a trip to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  The crew heard from protesters, attendees, and even, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus what they really thought about the hottest issues of the day. 

Giant Vaginas: One of the most memorable visuals from the RNC had to be the handful of women dressed as giant, fuschia vaginas.  In this clip, the women not only explained that they didn't feel wearing "lady parts" (that's for you, Chapin) objectified women, but also that they could spell the anatomical names of said genitalia.

Jon Voight: It would appear that the man who spawned Angelina Jolie, arguably the most beautiful child collector on earth, has seen 2016: Obama's America.  He proves this by reciting the movie nearly word for word in the following clip.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: Listen to Priebus not-so-subtly hint to Revealing Politics that Missouri Senate candidate needs to get out of the race. You hear that Akin?  You are CUT OFF.

"Revolutionaries": We cannot seem to decipher what kind of revolution this gentleman wants, but throws out Cuba, China, anti-imperialists, down with capitalism, etc. So, we're not sure what he wants and we're not sure he knows what he wants, but it might fall under the "Revolution" category.  You figure it out, we give up.

Anti-Terrorism "Experts": Who knew that Republicans were terrorists?  THIS GUY, that's who.  Thank goodness we have him watching out for us.

This week is the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, and we cannot wait to see what kind of nonsense Revealing Politics digs up for us.